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Fred’s Grave (Rockford’s Town Dog)

Rockford’s adopted mascot, Fred the dog, died on December 23, 2002 in a Birmingham animal hospital from a mysterious animal bite. Fred had been a celebrated fixture of the community since he showed up and was nursed back to health in 1993. Though he mostly hung out at Ken’s Package Store, he gained popularity through […]

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Old Rock Jail & Museum

The old Coosa County Jail, also called Old Rock Jail, was built in what would become Rockford in 1825. Today it is a museum and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is open only for certain occasions, though the exterior is publicly accessible. Address: Linn Street, Rockford, AL 35136 GPS Coordinates: […]

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Coosa WMA/Double Bridges

One of the five “birdiest” sites visited in this region. Many bird species not detected at any other site were found here — songbirds, raptors, and game birds. A colony of Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers resides here. The trail is being tended and lengthened. It is currently approximately 3 miles long, for a 6-mile hike in and […]

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