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    Fort Tyler

    Located on Alabama-Georgia border, it was site of one of last Civil War battles (April 16, 1865) to take place east of Mississippi. On April 16, 1865, Union troops attacked the earthen fort in West Point, Georgia.  Many soldiers lost their lives that d …

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    The West Point Depot and Museum

    The West Point Depot and Museum is the historic site for transfer of freight between Montgomery and Atlanta in the late 1800s. Because Georgia and Alabama had different gauge railroad tracks, it was necessary for all trains traveling between the two st …

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    West Point Dam

    The woods surrounding the lake are rather open, consisting of mostly mature pine and mixed oak. These woods offer up a variety of songbirds and raptors. The major attraction here is panoramic views of the lake, notable for winter gulls and terns. Look for loons and other waterfowl in colder months, swallows and Purple Martins in the warmer ones. Bald Eagles and Ospreys nest in the vicinity. This is a spot for rarities, including Great Cormorants. Watch the easy-to-see gulls carefully, as numerous unusual gulls can be present along with more common varieties.

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