Fred’s Grave (Rockford’s Town Dog)

Located in Coosa County | What you’ll find: Museums

Rockford’s adopted mascot, Fred the dog, died on December 23, 2002 in a Birmingham animal hospital from a mysterious animal bite. Fred had been a celebrated fixture of the community since he showed up and was nursed back to health in 1993. Though he mostly hung out at Ken’s Package Store, he gained popularity through a regular newspaper column, “A Dog’s Life,” about his activities and encounters, and then national recognition after he was profiled on cable TV’s Animal Planet. Fred has been buried behind the Old  Rock Jail. A permanent monument is planned. Signs at the town limits still advertise Rockford as “Home of Fred the Town Dog.”

Address: Palm Street, Rockford, AL

GPS Coordinates: 32.8907067, -86.2209268


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