Southern Union Community College

Located in Randolph County | What you’ll find: Birding Trail Sites

The campus is relatively compact and all areas are easily accessed. The entrance to the college is dominated by massive mature pine trees and tall hardwoods. There is no significant understory and little midstory here, so the birds found here spend the majority of their time at significant heights.

Expect numerous Red-headed woodpeckers, Brown-headed nuthatches, and Pine warblers throughout the year.  On the right at the crest of a hill as you drive onto campus is a log cabin, built by students in the 1930’s. Beyond the cabin is an attractive lake.

The more distant shorelines have significant vegetative cover, and this is where most of the birdlife should be found. Red-winged blackbirds are common throughout the year, and Common yellowthroat is easily found here. The taller trees on the east side of the lake are good for Northern parula, Yellow-throated warbler, and American redstart from spring through fall, and expect a good variety of flycatchers – Eastern kingbird, Great-crested flycatcher, Eastern wood-pewee, Eastern phoebe.

Waders and shorebirds may frequent the shallows, particularly  on the southern and western edges of the lake. Swallows and Chimney swifts fly sorties over the lake in the warmer months, and look for vultures and soaring hawks in the open skies above the lake and the rest of the campus. The athletic fields on the back side of the campus merit a look for possible American kestrel and Loggerhead shrike, especially from October-March.

To the southeast of the main entrance is a small hill that leads to a couple of ball fields. Walk toward the small wooden bridge and walk to path of the occasional (wet-weather) stream here. This area should prove to be productive for Eastern towhees, Carolina wrens, Common yellowthroats, winter sparrows (Song, Swamp, White-throated, Savannah…), and possibly wintering Palm and Orange-crowned warblers.


Located at 750 Roberts St, Wadley AL 36276. Limited service stations, restaurants are located in Wadley. More services are available in Roanoke (20 minutes away) and in Alex City (30 minutes away.) From I-20, take exit 168 at Talladega (Talladega Co.), and follow AL Hwy 77 S for approximately 56 miles to Wadley, AL (Randolph Co.) Turn left onto Roberts St and follow .5 miles to the entrance to the college.



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