Lanett Grave Doll House

Located in Chambers County | What you’ll find: Historic Structures

Although Nadine Earles died young and wasn’t really a prominent figure during her short time with her family, she still managed to become a rather notable person in the US. All thanks to her outstanding dollhouse grave, the little girl has already become dear to a lot of people.The idea of Nadine Earles’ dollhouse grave came from her parents. Diagnosed with diphtheria, little Nadine wanted a dollhouse for Christmas. Sadly, she died a week before the holiday, so her parents made her last gift a grand one. Nadine Earles’ dollhouse grave is now one of the most popular tombs in the country. Folks who love memorial parks couldn’t miss out the chance of visiting this grave in Oakwood Cemetery, Lanett, Alabama. It is also filled with Nadine’s toys and other belongings.

Oakwood Cemetery Lanett, AL 36863

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