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Lineville City Park

There are multiple ball fields, best for Killdeer, Eastern bluebirds, Common nighthawks (in the evenings, over the park lights from spring through fall,) and possible Loggerhead shrikes and American kestrels, especially in the colder months. The small shade trees bordering the road as it leads away from the ball fields are good for Eastern phoebe all year. The park has two lakes. The upper lake primarily hosts (domestic) Muscovy ducks and Canada geese of dubious origin. The lower lake is less-visited, and is more likely to be visited by wild waterfowl in the colder months. Expect long-legged waders – herons and egrets – and where the vegetation is thickest, search for resting night-herons and possible American bitterns. The woods to the east of the park road offer a fair number of songbirds, and at the end of the road, there is an opportunity to peek into an early-successional second-growth property that teems with American goldfinches, Common yellowthroats, Prairie warblers, Yellow-breasted chats, Eastern towhees, and Field sparrows in the warmer months. Watch for winter sparrows and finches in this area in colder months.

The entrance to Lineville City Park is on the west side of AL Hwy 9, less than 1/10 mile north of the intersection of Hwy’s 9 and 48 in Lineville (Clay Co.) AL.

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