Birchfield Farms

Located in Tallapoosa County | What you’ll find: Agri-Tourism

A short drive off US280 in Jackson’s Gap, Tallapoosa County, brings you to Birchfield Farms, an aquaponic farm in operation since September 2012.  Tony Birchfield manages the property and they produce okra, lettuce, peas, tomatoes, beans and burpless cucumbers.  One of the favorite items is the talapia raised right there on site.  Their vegetables and fish are available at the farm and in local supermarkets.  Call before you ride over there to make sure someone is in the greenhouse, 205-928-0130.  Address is: 1632 Madwind Road, Jackson’s Gap AL 36861. Coordinates are 32.31213, -85.48950.  This ‘retirement project’  began as a test before taking the technology to the people of Haiti.  With the help of Auburn University, the Children’s Hope project is well underway.

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